Puke Yellow Bedspread And A Ray Gun

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The Fat Man’s first memory was from when he was three years old. I was sitting beside my bed, it had one of those puke yellow bedspreads, the ones with the little ridges running down it. I was playing with a toy ray gun. Not … Continued

The Perfect Family

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Tis’ the season for Christmas cards and facebook posts with photographs of families all perfectly dressed and coifed, smiling their faces off, and probably lying through their smiling teeth. I know a lot families who look perfect from the outside, … Continued

Forgive and Forgive

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I hated Good Looking Arrogant Jock (Glaj) in high school! Fat Man used to be Fat Adolescent back in the 80’s, and Glaj took full advantage of my inferior position in life. He was never really overtly mean, just dismissive … Continued

Clouds Over Chico

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Mrs. Fat Man and I stepped out of our room at Chico Hot Springs and were immediately struck by an incredible experience. The moon was full, and the Big Sky was mostly clear. A million stars were visible, and a few … Continued

Pearls of Wisdom

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I would doubt that I have ever had an original thought or idea. But I have heard some things that I think are pretty smart. Here are a few of them.   1. You are only given so much rope with your children. You … Continued

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