Evil I

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There is so many bad things going on around us, it seems like the world has been turned upside down. ISIS is cutting off heads left and right, thugs are burning peoples businesses, police are shooting men in the back who are trying to run … Continued

Give That Man a Hand

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Society is full of people who have a misguided need to go around doing good in all the wrong places. There are people all over the city I live in who’s primary profession is the “flying a sign”. You know who they … Continued

Robin/Sparrow Continuum

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The greatest majority of people can be classified as one of two kinds of birds. Robins are the most common, they are just plain people. Not really known to be very pretentious. They are a clean bird, hard working, mostly mind … Continued

Castles to Cauliflower

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Mrs. Fat Man and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by driving from Phoenix to San Diego then up the coast to Monterey on the Pacific Coast Highway. One of our favorite places was The Hearst Castle, which was incredibly … Continued

Creek Thinking

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I spent a lot of time down on the banks of Goose Creek when I was a kid. I would walk up the street and go down under the Park Street bridge, sit on a rock, watch the water flow … Continued

Chief Nobody

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My Grandmother had a plaque hanging up in her kitchen that said “The problem with this tribe is that there are too many chiefs, and not enough Indians”. Since she was a card carrying member of an Indian tribe, I suppose it was politically … Continued

Valentines Shmalentines

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I hear people talk all the time about Valentines Day and how it is just a made up holiday to help the retail industry get more of our money, and how they are not buying into it. And I think … Continued


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The Fat Man has alluded in past posts that family life was not always very picturesque. For a good portion of my marriage to Mrs. Fat Man, I was for lack of a better word a really shitty husband. From the … Continued

My Daughter Left Today

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My daughter left today. I am filled with loneliness, sorrow, pride, homesickness, worry, hope, and a longing to see her sitting in the living room chair. I want to see her look up and smile and say “Hi Daddy”. I … Continued

Fickle Friends

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People get so hurt when they perceive that one of their friends betrays them in some way. I have come to realize that with some exceptions, friends are pretty fickle (marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability :  given to erratic changeableness). Truth be … Continued

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