Attention Please!!!!!!!

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Eldest daughter Fat Man called this morning and we had a nice conversation up until the end. She annoyed me by trying to get information that I did not want to give up. She came by this mannerism quit honestly … Continued


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Last week I went to see an old friend for the last time. She was a beautiful young spirit who was in her last hours of life. She was unresponsive; and she had what we call the “death rattle”, very … Continued

Peeing On A Rock

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Mrs. Fat Man and I took two of our daughters to McDonalds for an ice cream cone this evening. Then we drove over to a small lake by our house so we could watch the people there fish and wind … Continued

Get Over Yourself

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The Fat Man has spent a good portion of the last ten years getting in touch with just how bad he really is. I am not using “bad” the way people often do today to really mean good, I am talking … Continued


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Mrs. Fat Man and I had Friday off together. Our favorite and customary date is to go to garage sales or thrift stores all morning, then have lunch together. We went to a restaurant that we do not usually frequent  just to add a little … Continued

Goodbye Abby

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Abbey came to us in the year 2000. The daughters Fat Man were 10, 7, and 4 years old. She was a Sheltie mix, but was not an annoying yapper like so many of that breed are. She always wanted … Continued

Walk It Off!

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I had a patient a while back that was a big fat heart attack waiting to happen. He reminded me a lot of someone I know who lives in my skin, but that’s neither here nor there. I gave him … Continued

Pick-Up That Scratch!

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In 2006, I bought an old pick-up from a guy I work with, I paid him $500 dollars for it. About a year later I put a new clutch into it, $600. Then came a new timing belt, $250, brakes … Continued

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