Fat Men Have Feelings Too!

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I recently experienced the worst abuse that I have ever endured in 27 years as a nurse. I was called every name that this particular person could manage to think of. I was threatened with death, and I was kicked … Continued

Stinking’ Snow

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I HATE snow! I know, quite a statement from a guy who lives in Montana. I have my reasons though, and I’m going to regale you with them now. 1. Every time we have a snow storm, there are 6000 … Continued

Her Hair

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My Mom had a discussion with me today about where she should be buried when she dies. I touched her hair, I felt her warm face, kissed her forehead, and held her hand for a minute, I want to remember … Continued

Rectal Orifice

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The Fat Man recently went on a business trip to a small town about a hundred miles from where I live. Future Son Fat Man had the day off and agreed to tag along for the trip. We talked about … Continued

It’s A Couple Of Boys!!!!

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My son just started playing banjo last week. He already plays guitar, mandolin, and some other instrument. I can’t remember what instrument it is, I am still getting to know him. Anyone who follows this blog at all is probably … Continued

Kitchen Table Memoirs

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Mrs. Fat Man and I are in Arizona visiting our family members who live here. Tonight we had dinner at sister Fat Man’s house, then sat around the kitchen table and told stories that Great Grandma Fat Man (my Grandmother) … Continued

Fountain Of Experience

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Well, I made it through another birthday. I wouldn’t go back to my twenties for anything. I think that the older you get, the better life gets. I know way more than I did before, which is hard to believe … Continued

Want To Be Great?

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I watched a documentary a while back about a young photographer who took pictures from the age of sixteen until she committed suicide at the age of twenty four. The primary subject of her photography was herself. Although I did … Continued

I Don’t Own Her

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Mrs. Fat Man went to her parents farm this last weekend like she does every weekend that I work at the hospital. She helps her parents who are well into their 70’s with the tasks required to run a 250 … Continued

A Real Treasure

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Sister Fat Man and I recently cleaned out Grandma Fat Man’s old garage/barn that sits behind her house. As we dug deeper, we found a lot of artifacts left behind by previous owners. We found a gold tooth, books, tools, a muffler … Continued

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