Just One More Day

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When I have a patient who has been married fifty years or more, I always ask them what the secret to a long marriage is. The answer from all of them has essentially been the same; PERSISTENCE! One little lady … Continued

The Refrigerator In The Room

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I saw a refrigerator for $25 on a social media sale sight that had just been posted. I don’t really need a refrigerator, but I am getting ready to sell a mobile home that doesn’t have one, so when I … Continued

See You In My Dreams

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Lately I have been wanting to go down to Casper to visit my Dads grave, even though I never wanted to go and visit him while he was alive. I still went, but it was never pleasant. I think the … Continued

It’s Not Going To Kill Them

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Mrs. Fat Man and I recently became grandparents for the first time when our grandson made his first appearance on the stage of life. We unfortunately have not been able to meet him yet, even though we made a trip … Continued

Kill Him

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A few days ago Youngest Daughter Fat Man’s old used car had a light come on that told us the battery was not being charged. It made it home to our driveway and promptly died. Today I went out in … Continued

It Was So Kind

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My Dad was born premature and blind on a farm with no electricity in Southwestern Minnesota in 1940. He was taken to the Twin Cities for surgery on his eyes, and was able to gain limited tunnel vision. He once … Continued

Three Dollars

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We had my Dad’s funeral this week. He died ten days ago…saying goodbye to him was hard. After his funeral was over, Sister Fat Man, Mrs. Fat Man, the Daughters Fat Man, and I drove around Casper, Wyoming where Sister … Continued

The Big 31 by Eric Sutphin

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The Big 31 ERIC SUTPHIN·WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2017 It’s our 31st wedding anniversary! Whoo Hoo! Big deal, right !?? Oh, not so much, huh? What is it with our fascination with “5” and “0”? The Big 5 O! Happy 25th! … Continued

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