My Daughter Left Today

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My daughter left today. I am filled with loneliness, sorrow, pride, homesickness, worry, hope, and a longing to see her sitting in the living room chair. I want to see her look up and smile and say “Hi Daddy”. I … Continued

Fickle Friends

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People get so hurt when they perceive that one of their friends betrays them in some way. I have come to realize that with some exceptions, friends are pretty fickle (marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability :  given to erratic changeableness). Truth be … Continued

Puke Yellow Bedspread And A Ray Gun

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The Fat Man’s first memory was from when he was three years old. I was sitting beside my bed, it had one of those puke yellow bedspreads, the ones with the little ridges running down it. I was playing with a toy ray gun. Not … Continued

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