The Big 31 by Eric Sutphin

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It’s our 31st wedding anniversary! Whoo Hoo! Big deal, right !?? Oh, not so much, huh? What is it with our fascination with “5” and “0”? The Big 5 O! Happy 25th! 31 is after all one more than 30 and should be correspondingly more important, yet it doesn’t seem to strike the same cord.
A marriage is a lot like those other numbers, far more common, but not interest stirring. Yet these are the days and years that do the work, get it done,struggle, fight, disappoint and still, …..persevere. “(Our) love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah”~L.C.
I’m guessing right now some of you youngin’s are not finding this very inspiring, but don’t lose hope. Like anything worthwhile in life, patience, respect, work, endurance, tolerance and forgiveness are required. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes to all the undeserved Blessings and let them guide our hearts.
So, I’m not exactly sure where I’m trying to go with these observations and platitudes, perhaps these are the things I should more often ponder upon, instead of the nonsense of the modern world. All I know is, that I will never value Laurie and our marriage as much as I should, but for today and hopefully often in the future,…….. I will try.
Love you, Princess.

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