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Today is “A day without a woman” day. As best I can tell, a protest to show the value of women by giving the country a taste of what it would be like if women weren’t doing the things they do. Well The Fat Man did his part to prove the value of women…by raising three of them. They are all in their twenties now. They are all kind to their fellow man. Eldest daughter Fat Man takes care of premature infants in a hospital, middle daughter Fat Man is a paramedic working on an ambulance, youngest daughter Fat Man works in an emergency room. They all have a good work ethic. They all had jobs while in high school, and show up to work on time, and work hard while they are there. They are respectful to their parents, to other human beings, and animals. They all sought or are seeking a higher education, and are paying for it themselves. And today they went to work (unless it was a regular day off), and showed their value in the proper way…by BEING┬ávaluable.


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