Don’t Be Such A Jackass

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21585-a-simple-act-of-kindness-can-make-a-tremendous-impact-on-a-personsToday I was waiting for an appointment with a friend of mine. He was not quit done with his previous appointment when I arrived, so I went for a walk down the alley behind his office. I noticed an old guy who was driving a riding lawn mower with a small trailer hooked to the back of it coming down the alley. As he crossed the street, I noticed a middle aged lady with a cigarette dangling from her mouth come walking down the sidewalk carrying a 24 pack box of Bud Light. She walked up to the cart and dumped her empty beer cans into it, then she turned around and walked back to her house. The old man smiled, said thank you, and drove on to the next dumpster where he looked for more stuff to add to his recycling cache. You know; kindness does not need to be grandiose, loud, or even noticeable…………someday I hope I’m more like that lady!


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