Attention Please!!!!!!!

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WIN_20150922_10_39_16_ProEldest daughter Fat Man called this morning and we had a nice conversation up until the end. She annoyed me by trying to get information that I did not want to give up. She came by this mannerism quit honestly because she inherited it from me. But I am not interested in my own manipulation style being used against me, so I got annoyed at her. She texted me soon after we hung up and said she frequently feels as though I am short on patience with her in our conversations. That is not true, but the fact that it is the reality in her sweet heart is very bothersome to me.

This whole interaction got me to thinking. There are four people who have un-fettered access to me at all times. Mrs. Fat Man of course is one of them, and the Daughters Fat Man are the other three. After dinner,  Mrs. Fat Man and I frequently watch television in our bedroom. So we spend a good portion of our evenings lounging in our room while Dancing With The Stars and  running in The Amazing Race. We happen to have a cedar hope chest at the foot of our bed that has been a perch for our children whenever they wanted to visit with us for close to the last 25 years now. They can come in anytime they want, have a seat, and talk up a storm. Eldest Daughter Fat Man lives far away, so she cannot do so anymore. But know she has un-fettered access anytime she wants over the phone. The thing I have been doing wrong is that I have not been giving her the same un-divided attention that I did when she was sitting on the hope chest. I get easily distracted by the boob tube on the dresser, or by the computer on my lap. I am giving up genuine, quality relationship for the artificial kind found on facebook or The Bachelor, by the way, I don’t really watch The Bachelor but you get my point. It’s time for that foolishness to stop. From now on, whether someone plops down on the hope chest, or calls on the phone, the computer and TV are going off. I only have about 26 years left to visit with the people I love if the insurance company actuaries are correct, maybe even less……………I think they deserve my full attention. So please, call anytime you want to kid…….your Mom and I love it.


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