Goodbye Abby

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1907690_1500222483592237_444574016117197395_nAbbey came to us in the year 2000. The daughters Fat Man were 10, 7, and 4 years old. She was a Sheltie mix, but was not an annoying yapper like so many of that breed are. She always wanted to please everyone in our family. She helped our kids grow up, and to learn about unconditional love, responsibility, acceptance, and loyalty. She was happy to stay in her big back yard and be with her humans. She played ball there, sat by the fire pit with us, attended birthday parties, swimming parties, and graduation parties. Took a couple of trips to school to be the object of affection at show and tell. She barked at the kids as they played on the swing set, and tried to avoid Mrs. Fat Man when she broke out the doggy toothpaste and brush, became the victim of multiple bad hair cuts, but didn’t seem to mind those so much. She jumped after grass hoppers and caught bumble bee’s in her mouth, but never learned from the stings. She was a good friend to Lacy, Travis, and Bear, the other dogs in the family, and she was a good friend to us too. Now she rests up by the fence on our back hill with Lacy and Travis. She gets to be in her back yard forever now, where she can watch over future generations of kids as they play, and grow, and move on into adulthood………………Thanks for giving us your life sweet little Abby!


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