Valentines Shmalentines

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downsized_0213151553I hear people talk all the time about Valentines Day and how it is just a made up holiday to help the retail industry get more of our money, and how they are not buying into it. And I think to myself that they are absolutely correct in their assessment of V Day, but are missing the point. You see from what I can tell, very few people are really that excited over a box of bad chocolates and a bunch of pretty flowers that will be dead in a week. What people really like about all that stuff is feeling valued. The opportunity is to make sure that your sweetheart knows that you really think they are worth something. “I like you so much that I didn’t bat an eye at spending $50 on some flowers for you.” Men, if you don’t have $50 to spend, then clean the house from top to bottom, as a matter of fact if you do have $50 to spend, clean the house from top to bottom, and when she gets home, serve her dinner and supply a foot rub. And ladies, the men in your life have such unwavering focus on their fixations, that it is always easy to know what they want……………………..and stuff. Now I have to get back to cleaning the house.


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