I Want A Do Over

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I did something today that I regret beyond words! My third grandchild “H” was born this morning to middle daughter Fat Man. We got the call at about 5:30 that we were getting close to delivery and we should go to the hospital. Youngest daughter Fat Man has been anticipating seeing the birth for months. She was still asleep in her room when we got the second call that the baby was going to make his entrance very shortly. Mrs. Fat Man and I rushed out of the house to get to the hospital and I passed right by youngest daughter Fat Man’s room without waking her up, and she missed it. It would have taken me two short seconds to open her door and tell her to go to the hospital…but I didn’t. She is heartbroken! And so am I. In my rush to get there, I was just absent minded, and a once in a lifetime chance for her is gone. I want a do over of this morning. Life is full of days where a guy would take a do over if he could; but we seldom get one. So I spent the day feeling bad, but I also spent the day seeing H’s little bottom lip quiver when he was about to cry, heard him sneeze for the first time ever, and give a good long stretch. I also got to see his Mom stand over him as he slept, gazing at him with a smile on her face, oblivious to everyone else in the room. His Dad changed his first diaper, and Mrs. Fat Man cuddled him and loved on him. We got to celebrate a new life, and a new member of our family. Despite my thoughtlessness, we had a day that was worth celebrating. Since I cannot go back and do that two seconds over again, I just need to focus on the rest of this good day. And hopefully I can do better the next time!


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