My Daughter Left Today

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10933798_390756851105047_298890822083313030_nMy daughter left today. I am filled with loneliness, sorrow, pride, homesickness, worry, hope, and a longing to see her sitting in the living room chair. I want to see her look up and smile and say “Hi Daddy”. I want her here, not 1226.6 miles away. But I also want her 1226.6 miles away, and not here. Here she could not fully become who she is to be, at least not at this time. She was so little not so very long ago. Following me down the steps doing the cafeem dance (that’s how she pronounced ice cream). Mrs. Fat Man and I worked hard at raising her and the other kids. We wanted an independent, and brave adult to leave our house, and she is and did. She is spending this night taking care of sick people, fifteen hours ago I was driving her to the airport. We will with great joy see her again in March, if the Lord is willing, and we will mourn our departure all over again upon leaving. I am blessed, because God has been merciful, because I did not have to permanently say goodbye like I have seen many parents do in my 21 years as an ER nurse, I get that. Never the less, my daughter left today……….and I miss her.


  1. Joey

    Thanks Fat Man. Savannah is 14. I hate it. It’s like knowing you’re going to have to put your favorite dog down sooner or later cuz she’s getting too old to walk. It’s inevitable. I hate sad.

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