The Fat Man For President

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This train wreck of an election has inspired me to throw my hat in the ring for the office of President of The United States. I figure I’m a better candidate than Hillary because I’m really not much of a liar, I … Continued

Don’t Be Such A Jackass

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Today I was waiting for an appointment with a friend of mine. He was not quit done with his previous appointment when I arrived, so I went for a walk down the alley behind his office. I noticed an old … Continued

Like She Is My Own Kid

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The Fat Man has been an ER nurse for around twenty three years now. In those years I have had the pleasure, challenge, and sometimes torture of training a good number of new nurses to meet the demands of hand to … Continued

Trepidation and Joy

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The Fat Man family is preparing to leave on a jet plane. We are going to the wedding of oldest daughter Fat Man and soon to be only son Fat Man. People keep asking me if I am excited, and … Continued


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Anyone who knows me or has followed this blog at all knows that the Fat Man’s have three adult daughters. We have devoted a fair bit of effort in the last 25 years to keeping them alive………and helping them live a little … Continued

Screen Door

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A while back Mrs. Fat Man and I traveled to the town in Wyoming where I grew up the first part of my life, and where my Grandma and Grandpa lived. They have both left us over twenty years ago, but it … Continued

Merry Christmas To Mourners

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I have several friends who have suffered a devastating loss in the last year. And now the Christmas season is here, and I find myself a little uncomfortable for them because of all the “Happy Holiday’s” and “Merry Christmas’s” that are … Continued

Damage Less

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The town where the Fat Man grew up was small. Small enough that most everybody knew most everybody. Like most towns, we had that one particular family that we all kind of just tolerated. They were poor, un-educated, dirty, and the … Continued

Attention Please!!!!!!!

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Eldest daughter Fat Man called this morning and we had a nice conversation up until the end. She annoyed me by trying to get information that I did not want to give up. She came by this mannerism quit honestly … Continued

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