Make Better People

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Today Mrs. Fat Man and I spent our day at the flea market.  We noticed a cute little kid who was about three years old who along with his Mom and Dad had a large shaved ice drink. The child … Continued

A Wall In The Corner

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My Uncle Dennis died in a car wreck in California fifty years ago. I never got to meet him because it happened four months prior to my arrival into this world; so I got to have his name instead. He … Continued

Little Sister

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My little sister is really a heroine in life. She left home to go to college right after high school and has been on her own since. She has worked various jobs over the years while being very persistent in … Continued

The Worst Injury I’ve Seen

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I’ve been an ER nurse for almost twenty five years now, and I am frequently asked what the worst injury I have ever seen was. I always say, “A broken heart, because most people don’t die from it, and it … Continued


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A while back one of my Christian friends told me that he was having a crisis of faith, he was having doubts about his Christian beliefs. I have been there myself, more than once. Yet I always come out on … Continued

Blessed Damned Mirrors

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Looking in the mirror has gotten to be a little bit of a challenge the last several years. The first thing I notice is that I am not getting any skinnier, how I long for the days that I only … Continued


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Today is “A day without a woman” day. As best I can tell, a protest to show the value of women by giving the country a taste of what it would be like if women weren’t doing the things they … Continued


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This is Silky. Silky is a little dog that is among sister Fat Man’s arsenal of pets. She’s a mutt, probably half pug and half chihuahua. The first time I ever saw her, she became my favorite. I couldn’t help … Continued

Fat Men Have Feelings Too!

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I recently experienced the worst abuse that I have ever endured in 27 years as a nurse. I was called every name that this particular person could manage to think of. I was threatened with death, and I was kicked … Continued

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