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Last week I went to see an old friend for the last time. She was a beautiful young spirit who was in her last hours of life. She was unresponsive; and she had what we call the “death rattle”, very … Continued

Peeing On A Rock

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Mrs. Fat Man and I took two of our daughters to McDonalds for an ice cream cone this evening. Then we drove over to a small lake by our house so we could watch the people there fish and wind … Continued

Get Over Yourself

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The Fat Man has spent a good portion of the last ten years getting in touch with just how bad he really is. I am not using “bad” the way people often do today to really mean good, I am talking … Continued


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Mrs. Fat Man and I had Friday off together. Our favorite and customary date is to go to garage sales or thrift stores all morning, then have lunch together. We went to a restaurant that we do not usually frequent  just to add a little … Continued

Goodbye Abby

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Abbey came to us in the year 2000. The daughters Fat Man were 10, 7, and 4 years old. She was a Sheltie mix, but was not an annoying yapper like so many of that breed are. She always wanted … Continued

Walk It Off!

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I had a patient a while back that was a big fat heart attack waiting to happen. He reminded me a lot of someone I know who lives in my skin, but that’s neither here nor there. I gave him … Continued

Pick-Up That Scratch!

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In 2006, I bought an old pick-up from a guy I work with, I paid him $500 dollars for it. About a year later I put a new clutch into it, $600. Then came a new timing belt, $250, brakes … Continued

Evil I

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There is so many bad things going on around us, it seems like the world has been turned upside down. ISIS is cutting off heads left and right, thugs are burning peoples businesses, police are shooting men in the back who are trying to run … Continued

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