Dad’s Mad

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untitledGrandpa Fat Man has been suffering from asthma for decades. His doctor and everyone else call it emphysema from his 50 years of smoking, but he says it’s asthma. He is in the end stages of the disease, it makes it really hard for him to breath. I got a call from his doctor the other day, she asked me to come in with him next time I was down to visit, so that we could discuss his end of life decisions. I told her I would broach the subject with him and we would make an appointment. So I broached the subject………..and oh boy did I tick him off. This very gentle man yelled at me, and told me that he was NOT going to talk about this, and that I would not make any decisions for him, if that were necessary it would fall into the hands of my half sister who lives in the same town as he does. It might not seem unusual to the people who know me that I would be able to make my Dad mad, but it was unusual to me. I am 48 years old, and it was only the second time in my life that I managed to pull it off. The last time I made him angry was when I was about six years old and hit him in a very tender part of his anatomy. Boy did I catch hell for that one………. So, I will not discuss his coming death with him again. He is not even a little bit interested in wasting one of the minutes he has left on this Earth thinking about dying. He is just going to focus on living. So once again my humble Dad, who has been the epitome of contentment in spite of his very difficult life, has reminded me of another of life’s great truths……………..You gotta live while you’re alive.

I love you Dad.


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