Like She Is My Own Kid

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strong-women-quotes-5The Fat Man has been an ER nurse for around twenty three years now. In those years I have had the pleasure, challenge, and sometimes torture of training a good number of new nurses to meet the demands of hand to hand ER combat. A few years back, I was assigned the orientation of a new nurse from a small town in Wyoming who was young and had very limited experience in her short time out of nursing school. She went to a very well respected school in California, so I had a little bit of a cynical attitude. A young Californiafide, probably spoiled and cocky almost new grad to deal with………oh boy. Then I met her for the first time. I immediately gave her the nickname “Asian Barbie”, because she is Asian, skinny, and beautiful. I was up to the challenge of a spoiled little pretty girl. I just had to tear her down so that I could start everything over again, you know, undo the damage. From day one, I was awed by the quality of nurse, and human being that M was, there was nothing to tear down. I have oriented dozens of nurses, but M was by far my easiest. She was an active listener, she only had to be shown something once and she had it. She was always respectful, and kind. I had all the confidence in the world that she was going to be great. Now several years later, M is about to graduate with her Masters degree in Health Care administration. She sent me a screen shot of her grades at the end of every semester, she was a straight A student the whole way through. She managed those A’s while working full time, traveling a lot, honoring her dear parents like it was her job, and getting married to one of the most blessed young men I know. She is one of the most talented nurses I have ever met, she will be a great leader wherever life takes her. If she decides to be a full time Mom, she will be great. If she ends up being CEO of a major health care system, she will be great. If she stays on her whole career as a bedside nurse, she will be great. I have been racking my brain trying to think about what I can get her for her graduation next month. Any little dust collector I think of just isn’t good enough. So I wrote this for her……So that she will know that I am proud of her like she is my own kid, and I really do think that she is a really tremendous human being……………She is worth knowing, and I wouldn’t say that about just anyone!


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