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10628527_10205064224019959_5783437824674668643_nAnyone who knows me or has followed this blog at all knows that the Fat Man’s have three adult daughters. We have devoted a fair bit of effort in the last 25 years to keeping them alive………and helping them live a little while they are living that life. When they were babies, it was a real challenge to be woken up every two hours by some little poop making milk drinker who demanded your attention in the middle of the night. But then the next day, that same kid busts out that addictive baby laugh every time you give them a zurbert, and the torture of the night before seems to fade. Then the first day of kindergarten comes along, and the anxiety builds. Middle daughter Fat Man was particularly challenging. She was a painfully shy and mild mannered kid who wore coke bottle glasses. We discussed our angst with her very kind hearted and talented teacher Mrs. K, who paid special attention to her to help her along. By two weeks into the school year, that kid had blossomed, and made good friends, and was learning so much. Then along comes junior high, and these kids who just one month prior were your sweet little obedient children are now deciding that they want to be more independent, and that they have their own thoughts and ideas……..the stinkin’ little brats. I am convinced that most of the torturous issues of parenting a teenager are the parents issue. Because all of the sudden you have to start parenting differently than you did last month. You get virtually NO time to adjust to or ease into it. Fortunately, by the time they are 21 or so, you have figured out how to deal with a thirteen year old. Then in high school, the exquisite pain of mean peers, sports failures, flunked tests, and broken hearts kick in. Fortunately, there are also kind peers, sports triumphs, A+ tests, and happy hearts to balance it all out. Mrs. Fat Man and I always seemed to feel the pain of our children more deeply than we ever did our own pain. Likewise, we enjoyed their victories much more than we did our own. Now, the children Fat Man are the young women Fat Man. They are all productive, kind, and smart. They are all helping other humans, and are kind to animals, and spend their days thinking about something other than themselves. We are so thankful to God, and Grandparents, and Aunt R., and friends, and Mrs. K, and other people too numerous to mention for helping us with our finest legacy. In the end, they are the only ones that will last………….or matter.






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