Pearls of Wisdom

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I would doubt that I have ever had an original thought or idea. But I have heard some things that I think are pretty smart. Here are a few of them.


untitled1. You are only given so much rope with your children. You have to give it out a little at a time, and by the time they are 18, you should be out of rope. It is real sad when the parent of a 13 year old is out of rope, because they were too permissive. It is just as sad to be the parent of a 18 year old who is still holding all the rope.

2. People want to quit suffering, but don’t want to get well.

3. You cannot go to the deli and order up a pound of maturity for yourself or anyone else. It comes when it comes.

4. When it comes to driving on snow and ice, slow and steady wins the race.

5. I told my daughters, “Marry a Christian man……… he will be as big of a jerk as every other guy, but at least he will want to get better.”

6. Making unkind or degrading comments to your spouse is tantamount to murdering their soul.

7. You need margin in your life. In finances, relationships, and time. A little room to move.

8. Any pursuit in this life that’s worth a damn is hard.

9. If you plant corn you’re gonna harvest corn, likewise, if you plant negative seed in your life, you’re gonna harvest negative      consequences. So plant good seed.

10. Just because you believe something is true, doesn’t mean it is.

11. An old dog that will not learn new tricks, or re-learn old tricks a different way, will soon become irrelevant.

12. Despite our best efforts, the death rate among humans remains at 100%. So it’s best to live while you’re alive.

13. Just because you ignore issues, does not mean they no longer exist.

14. A life spent serving others is a life worth living. A life spent serving self is just sad.

15. You don’t know worries till you’ve had children.

16. Your memory is a museum of your life, might as well fill it with good artifacts.

17. Your parents most likely did the best they could with what they had, so love and appreciate them. And if you aren’t happy with the way they did things, just use those lessons to do better with your kids.

18. There is no such thing as a soul mate. If you think you found yours, wait a year and think again.

19. Persistence is going to bring more success than brains, brawn, or beauty.

20. Weaknesses that are addressed head on will give you incredible strength.

21. When your wife and daughters are venting to you. They want an ear, not solutions, so just shut up and listen.

22. Children are and feel safer when given clearly defined boundaries………same with adults.

23. Save 10% of your salary for retirement…… comes faster than you think it will.

24. Never pay for your child’s first year of college. It robs them of their opportunity to become self sufficient, and more often than not it is a waste of money.

25. Finally, don’t mess with Judge Judy, she always wins.









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