Evil I

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WIN_20150427_220825There is so many bad things going on around us, it seems like the world has been turned upside down. ISIS is cutting off heads left and right, thugs are burning peoples businesses, police are shooting men in the back who are trying to run away, gang rapes, murders, bullying all around. The whole stinking world is falling apart, what is happening?! The answer……………..not one thing new is happening. Since man came into existence evil has been prevalent. Whether you believe Cain offed his brother Abel, or that some cave man bashed another cave mans head in with a rock, no one can deny, we are a bad lot. It is easy to say that Islam is a violent religion, but then we would also have to include the Catholics and their inquisition, the Mormon’s and their mountain meadows massacre, and the “Fag Haters” at the Westboro Baptist Church.  We would also have to think about Nazi Germany, the United States Indian wars, the Japanese internment, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Stalin genocide in Russia, and the list goes on and on and on. You might think Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler were exceptions, because most of humanity wouldn’t participate in such atrocities. Really? The Stanford Prison Study, conducted at Stanford University in 1971 showed that regular college students were also among the “exceptions”. The randomly picked guards became so authoritarian and cruel that the study had to be stopped early as a result. The same thing happened at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq in 2003. Regular American kids turned into torturing abusers at the drop of a hat. That sweet little baby that was just born,  will have to be taught how to lie, steal, cheat, and be selfish…………. No wait a minute, it has to be taught NOT to do those things, his baseline is to be a lying, selfish little jackass. As for you, if we were to invite your friends, family, and co-workers out to the local theater to watch a movie of your worst thoughts for the last month, wouldn’t most of you want to crawl into a dark hole somewhere so that you could die of embarrassment? I know I would. The point is, we all possess the ability to act on the evil within us.

I could stand around and wring my hands about the above mentioned dilemmas, but I don’t suppose that will do much good. So instead I think I will listen to my own conscience when it has been pricked by my latest inappropriate thought or action. And even though the Fat Man children are raised, I will strongly suggest that they straighten up when they are acting like little savages. When I see some kid who I don’t know stealing mascara in her purse at the store, she will suffer the displeasure of the Fat Man. And if some guy is hitting his girlfriend, it immediately becomes my problem, not something that is “none of my business”. We need to hold ourselves, our children, and each other a lot more accountable. Small problems left un-checked become large problems, a weed is most easily pulled when it first sprouts up. So, I understand that Abdullah in Syria couldn’t care less that some fat man in Montana USA disapproves of his execution methods, and I have no real power to stop him. But I believe that I might be able to pull off a little change for the Evil I. Then at least I will be doing something real……….and right.


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  1. Brad

    Forgive me for butchering a wonderful quote, but; “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”
    It is obvious the Fat Man does NOT want evil to win.

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