Give That Man a Hand

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TPhoto_00007Society is full of people who have a misguided need to go around doing good in all the wrong places. There are people all over the city I live in who’s primary profession is the “flying a sign”. You know who they are, the homeless, and often not so homeless people who hold up signs on street corners asking for money and giving gods blessing for the donation. And I frequently see people roll down their windows just enough to slip a five dollar bill out of the crack, roll that window up, and drive away feeling satisfied that they did their good deed for the day. What they have really done was to fuel a culture of dependence and entitlement that is running rampant, and is expediting the fall of our culture. I don’t by any means lay all or even most of the blame at the feet of the people who are the dependent ones. The greater blame goes to the lazy, un-caring affluent people who refuse to accept responsibility for truly helping individuals who have abdicated their responsibility to their selves, their families, and their society in general. When you slip a drunkard a five, the cost is too high. It is high for them because you have just accelerated their downfall, and it is high for you because you have just eased your mind of the burden you should feel when you see another human waste the one life that God gave them. There is a great line from a book that impacted me greatly a number of years ago called The Greatest Thing In The World by Henry Drummond, it says, “Sometimes love is in the withholding.” I have thought of that many times over the years of raising my children. So often I denied them things for their own good, and I  let them suffer at times so that they could learn life lessons, or made them work for something that they wanted instead of just giving it to them. It helped them become the fine little human beings they are today. We need to follow the same principles for people in our community. So instead of giving some bum your leftover pizza. Get out, tell him he can have the pizza and talk to him about why he is in the situation he is in, and how to do better. When your broke friend asks to borrow twenty dollars for gas, talk to him about budgeting and saving money. Tell your child about the grace and forgiveness of Jesus and the earthly consequences of his actions when you take him to pay for the candy bar he stole. At the very least, allow a man who will not work to also not eat, a drunk driver to walk instead of drive, an alcoholic to lay in his puke, a man who won’t pay his child support to sit in jail, and a child who won’t try to fail. Although my cynicism about humanity is well established from years spent in my vocation, I still maintain that all people have value. Hindering them from attaining meaningfulness is just…………………………awful!


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