Robin/Sparrow Continuum

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robinThe greatest majority of people can be classified as one of two kinds of birds. Robins are the most common, they are just plain people. Not really known to be very pretentious. They are a clean bird, hard working, mostly mind their own business, drive reasonable cars, live in a house that meets but does not really exceed their needs. The Fat Man is a Robin from way back. Then their are the Sparrows. They are a bird of a different color. They are real nice to all the other birds, but they know they are different. They are just a bit highbrow.  Economics does not really play a role in it, but statistically more sparrows are wealthy. Although there are a lot of economically challenged sparrows flying around. Likewise, there are plenty of very wealthy robins flitting around too. The thing is, you will never know the poor sparrows are poor, and you will likewise never know the rich robins are rich. I told a lady sparrow about the continuum a while back and here is what she said, “Ohhh, I want to be the robin, it’s a prettier bird.” Such a typical sparrow response, and one of the reasons I labeled them sparrows, because I knew it would tick the sparrows off to be a small unassuming gray bird. The other reason I labeled them as such is because it’s my continuum……….I can do whatever I want to with it.

Despite their differences, sparrows and robins manage to get along pretty well. We can hang out in the same tree, we can even sit on the same branch, but the unwritten rule is to stay out of each others nest. A number of years ago a friend of mine who I would classify as a robin with idealistic tendencies tried the great robin/sparrow experiment. It consisted of having robins and sparrows come to his nest for a social gathering to test the limits of the continuum. He believed the continuum rules were not as hard and fast as they really are. The whole experiment was an abysmal failure. In no time at all, the sparrows had gathered in the kitchen and were chirping away with each other, and the robins were in the living room doing the same. No one was offended, we were just different birds. I think my idealistic robin friend felt like it was his failure, but it wasn’t, the continuum was in place before him and will remain in place long after he is gone.

There really is no cross breeding amongst birds. Although, sometimes it is hard to determine which bird a person is right away. You see there are robins with sparrowesque qualities, and sparrows with robinesque qualities. An example of the latter would be a sparrow who likes to shop at thrift stores, and the former would be a robin who likes to participate in dinner clubs, and go skiing at Aspen instead of Red Lodge. And I cannot end this profound post without mentioning a few other birds. The Peacocks, very few people fall into this category. A few examples are Queen Elizabeth (who I just call Liz), The Kennedy’s, and the Rockefellers. The Turkey’s, this group is too long to list here, so just google the United States Congress and you will see multiple examples. And the Starling’s, who are a unique group of people who smell like bacon grease and cigarettes, you know the type. The beauty of the continuum is that very few of the birds are really unhappy with their flock. It doesn’t need to be different because we all have our place and serve our purpose in life………………………………………. So I will stay out of Buckingham Palace, and Liz, you can keep your tail feathers out of my nest too.


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